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The initial 1985 business plan of Nu-Tech was focused on taking scrap plastic feed streams  and converting these materials into value specific plastic resins for the molding industry. In the mid 1980s recycled plastics was in its infancy and in fact the plastic molding industry, including the automotive industry, had material specifications that precluded the use of recycled plastic materials. The acceptance of recycled plastic materials increased over the years from both an environmental push as well as an economic pull  as plastic consumers looked for ways to become more environmentally sensitive and to reduce the cost of materials manufactured in the US market.


Today Nu-Tech Polymers offers a comprehensive recycling program for a wide spectrum of  companies and corporations. With 30 years of expertise in the plastics recycling industry we are able to provide a solid recycling approach to our clients in order to maximize the value of their recycle feed streams.


From establishing the plastic collection procedures within the plant to providing material identification labels and standards to supplying the "right" collection container to do the job, Nu-Tech is partnered with our clients to establish a recycling program that minimizes client costs and maximizes material value.


Nu-Tech Polymers is comprised of two basic business units:

- The manufacturing and marketing of a broad range of commodity and engineering plastic feedstocks for the plastics industry comprised of value added products based on recycled materials and "prime" products from major manufacturing companies

- The recycling and processing of a wide range and variety of plastic scrap materials that are derived from a vast feed stream of plastic scrap sourcing points including but not limited to manufacturing and warehousing facilities as well as post industrial reclaim sources.


Nu-Tech Polymers is committed to our customer's satisfaction in a growing range of products and services.


Check out our site and give us a call to discuss your polymer needs.



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